Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our World Tuesday Inaugural Post

Welcome to the first post of Our World Tuesday, the second generation of blogger and photographer Klaus Peter's meme, My World Tuesday.  We decided to continue this meme because many people from around the world have expressed a desire to keep the meme going.  It's inspiring and uplifting that so many people wish to enjoy other's worlds and share their own.  Blogging is fun, but it requires commitment, thought, and a little work. In the end, we create a special community.  Thanks for being here.

Please add your link to your blog post describing the part of the world that you wish to share with us this week.  Remember, we are a family-friendly meme.  We are a non-commercial blog; this is not the place to sell your product, no matter how worthy. We will delete any content we deem to be inappropriate.

Now let's all share our wonders, big and small. Link your posts here starting Monday, August 29, at 3p.m. and visit each other for the joy of sharing our world.

Sandy and Sylvia